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Not just interested in OLPMS? How about our tax and bookkeeping services? Sana Tax is your one source for comprehensive and innovative solutions in tax compliance and management, as well as unparalleled content, reliability, and accessibility in tax research. We are committed to providing accurate and fast service with complete support to our clients via Live chat, E-mail, 24/7 Phone Support, and flexible walk-in periods.

We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Personal Income Tax Return
  • Sales & Use Tax Return
  • Corporation & Partnership Tax Returns
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Complete Payroll Services
  • Corporation, Partnership & Sole Proprietorship Formation








Click here to login Online Payroll Management System

  • Payroll processing via the Internet
  • Simple processing utilizing minimum number of payroll screens
  • Tax filing, compliance and payment for all payroll taxing authorities for one state including quarterly 941 and EOY 940
  • Check and report printing on site
  • Online reports available within 2 hours of processing
  • Online pay stub detail and W-2s
  • 1099 Checks Printing
  • One low monthly price

Client Testimonials

  • You guys are awesome! You gave me every single report I was looking for, did my payroll for me, filed my taxes in a timely manner, and a ton of other work that other services would price gouge me for. Iíll definitely be using your service again!
  • I am more than satisfied with OLPMS. Getting the payrolls out of the way at the end of every week is a breeze now and gives me a peace of mind that I rarely get in my field.
  • It really was just a few clicks and my payroll was already done. Itís less paperwork for me and reduced costs for my firm. Simply amazing!

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