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Paycheck Calculator

OLPMS - Instant Payroll Calculator
OLPMS - Instant Payroll Calculator
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Calculated Result Net Pay
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Medicare Tax State SDI
Add. Medicare FLI Total Deductions
Federal Tax








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Client Testimonials

  • You guys are awesome! You gave me every single report I was looking for, did my payroll for me, filed my taxes in a timely manner, and a ton of other work that other services would price gouge me for. Iíll definitely be using your service again!
  • I am more than satisfied with OLPMS. Getting the payrolls out of the way at the end of every week is a breeze now and gives me a peace of mind that I rarely get in my field.
  • It really was just a few clicks and my payroll was already done. Itís less paperwork for me and reduced costs for my firm. Simply amazing!

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